Short Code To Buy Airtime From Various Nigerian Banks

Imagine when you are in the middle an important call and your airtime got finished, you have a little fraction in your bank account but you are too far from the ATM machine and you are also scared of borrowing airtime from your network provider because of the high return rate of 15%. Then here is the best option for you.
Use USSD codes to buy airtime from your banks.


Why this Option?
USSD airtime recharge option can come in very handy when traveling, in a new location and/or when in need of urgent top-up for either data or voice calls.

This is far better than the regular quickteller option that requires an internet connection or you, going to the ATM centers to top-up your airtime.

Another amazing thing about using the USSD method for airtime top-us is that, you can do this with a feature phone (eg. Nokia touch) and from the comfort of your home.

It is completely free, reliable and secured as it is linked to the mobile phone number that your bank account is linked to.

The USSD Codes
Here are the various USSD codes to use for recharging your mobile lines from your bank account.

For Diamond Bank: Dial *302*amount#
For MTN Diamond Y’ello Account: Dial *710*555*phone no*amount*pin#
For Access bank: Dial *901* amount#
For Stanbic IBTC Bank:  Dial *909*amount#
For GTBank: Dial *737*amount#
For Eco Bank: Dial *326*amount#
For FirstBank: Dial*894*amount#
For Fidelity Bank: Dial *770*amount#
For FCMB: Dial *389*214*amount#
For Sky bank: Dial *389*076*1*amount#
For Heritage bank: Dial *322*030*amount#
For keystone Bank: Dial *322*082*amount#
For Sterling Bank: Dial *822*amount#
For UBA: Dial *389*033*1*amount#
For Zenith Bank: Dial *966*amount#
For Unity bank: Dial *322*215*amount#
Mtn Nigeria introduced the use of *904*amount# for registered user.( Have tried with First Bank, don’t know of other banks)

This can also be used
This service can be used to buy airtime for yourself and friends alike. Using the First Bank format as sample for this section, you will need follow the tips below.

When Recharging Your own Line
If you run out of airtime or needs buy a recharge card for your phone (no internet access is required for it), simply dial the USSD code *894*Amount# using the registered phone number.
Your account will be credited with the amount entered. for example, dialing *894*200# will credit your phone with NGN200 airtime.

When Recharging Your Friends or Family’s Lines
To send recharge card to someone from your First Bank account using this service, you will need enter the USSD code, amount and the person’s phone number.

Example, dial *894*Amount*Phone number# to buy a recharge card for someone else. for example, dialing *894*200*080000000# will send NGN200 airtime to 080000000

This Service is available to all network in Nigeria.


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